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building regulation applications

Once planning permission has been granted, then you may find that you need to make building regulations submission. This is different from a planning application and deals with the technical construction of the project and confirms that the proposals would meet the current edition of the Building Regulations. We would prepare on your behalf the necessary plans and specifications and submit to the Local Authority and deal with the whole process for you.

As a regular agent of applications to Trafford Borough Council, we were invited to become a Partner with Trafford’s Building Control Department and so we have one appointed officer who deal with the plan checks to all our applications. This saves time and has created a very good working relationship with the department which results in a better service to all our clients.

Building regulation plans, also known as technical drawings are all about the detail. All new building projects that require approval from building control need to ensure that the build meet the standards laid down by the current building regulations.

Almost all planning applications will require a design and access statement which is usually a description of the build showing how you have made allowances for the impact of the build on the neighbouring properties along with considerations for the disabled and the elderly.

In effect, technical drawings for any build project are designed to show the specification of the build to the authorities. New walls for example have to have details of the construction methods. Drainage, Ducting, Ventilation, DPC and insulation materials used also have to be documented.